The purpose of The Call of America is help provide a better life for United States veterans and servicemen/women of all branches of the United States military and first responders by providing support and assistance to homeless veterans, families of veterans, military servicemen and servicewomen and first responders who are currently serving America both domestically and abroad.
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Todd Saylor Endorsement:

The Call Of America.... To Serve!

Lasting Impressions:

"I met Todd two years ago at a football team pre-game breakfast. He was asked to speak to the players about his life experiences and to motivate these young minds. I have sat through many of these speeches during 40 years of coaching and I pretty much know the drill on motivation. But, Todd reached into my closed mind and opened a few windows about life, dedication, loyalty and discipline. These values that he possesses are inspirational, to say the least, because he is truly a believer in living these ideals on a daily basis. He has a passion for people and is willing to share his light with everyone, which makes being around him a very positive experience. I know this because the players and the coaches came away with a renewed respect for the basic truths that we all believe in thanks to Todd’s presentation.

When I came to another pre game meal this year, Todd was asked to speak with us again. I found myself in the same optimistic light. I have come to the conclusion that Todd’s aura is fuel for change. His belief structure is based on maintaining a positive attitude in everything he does. He is a firm believer that life has many opportunities to be explored and obstacles put in your path are challenges to be conquered by working hard and expecting the best. As you can see I have become a Todd Saylor fan, he inspires this old coach along with the many young people on our team and this will be my lasting impression of Todd. "

Dave Wagner, MS, CPE
Associate Professor of Engineering Technology
Thunder Football Offensive Line Coach
TRINE University
(260) 665-4622

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