The purpose of The Call of America is help provide a better life for United States veterans and servicemen/women of all branches of the United States military and first responders by providing support and assistance to homeless veterans, families of veterans, military servicemen and servicewomen and first responders who are currently serving America both domestically and abroad.
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Todd Saylor Endorsement:

The Call Of America.... To Serve!

Loyalty, Dedication, Reliability:

November 10, 2010

To Whom it May Concern,

"I am pleased to provide a letter of endorsement for Mr. Todd Saylor, President of PayServ and local leader of Steuben County, Indiana. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Saylor for several years now on various projects in our community and with our institution. His commitment and work are superior to anyone whom I have worked with in my thirty plus years in higher education.

He has a special connection with many people, businesses and organizations and has promoted and supported charitable giving.

He is very active in our community and within his church, reaching out often to support and serve those less fortunate. He spear headed Project Help in our county to fund a new facility to serve the needy and homeless of our community. It is his commitment, leadership and unselfish guidance that saw this project thru to its completion.

Mr. Saylor has played a significant role in assisting, serving and working with students on our campus as teacher, coach, and motivator. He is willing to share his thinking, passion and love in a positive way that touches all.

At Trine University, he has been a partner that has been critical to the success of our students and our programs while helping link industry and business to academia. He has opened the doors to collaborative opportunities among various groups encouraging them to share their resources to better serve our community.

High on his list of personal attributes are these strengths: loyalty, dedication, reliability, self-discipline, attention-to-detail, honesty, integrity, and a passion for what he believes in, love for his fellow man and a great ambassador and worker for our community. He is a lifetime professional and would bring tremendous background experience to any organization.

Words of praise are rather routine in letters of reference, however Todd Saylor is worthy of note. I highly endorse him and I am proud to call him my colleague and friend."


Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D., President Trine University

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