The purpose of The Call of America is help provide a better life for United States veterans and servicemen/women of all branches of the United States military and first responders by providing support and assistance to homeless veterans, families of veterans, military servicemen and servicewomen and first responders who are currently serving America both domestically and abroad.
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Todd Saylor Endorsement:

The Call Of America.... To Serve!

"To Whom This Concerns,

It is a genuine pleasure and honor to recommend Todd Saylor as an excellent product spokesman for any company that chooses to sponsor his nonprofit project, “The Call of America.” My family has owned and operated Uckele Health & Nutrition for 50 years, and I have been the CEO and President for the past 5 years. Our company manufactures nutritional products for customers worldwide, and has sponsored Todd with our products during a trans formative period in his life, as he dedicated himself to improving his health through nutrition and fitness.

In eight months, Todd lost 61 pounds and built his muscle mass, energy and endurance by following Uckele’s nutritional program, using our products and rigorous training. In the following four years, Todd has been a relentless advocate and promoter of our products while training for Triathlons, radically improving his physique and placing in commendable categories throughout the country. His inspiring example and endorsement has convinced many other individuals to use Uckele products and programs through his tireless work ethic, his admirable self-discipline, high energy and his positive personality.

Todd has now invested his passion in forming a nonprofit enterprise, which is dedicated to providing aid to homeless and needy veterans and their families and to “fight for those who fought for us.” Todd is truly committed to excellence and making the world a better place. I strongly recommend Todd as a spokesperson for your product, should you donate to this worthy cause. I am confident that he will commit himself to representing your company and communicating the value of your product with the same level of dedication he continues to invest in Uckele Health & Nutrition.

I have included one of Todd’s many testimonials used in Uckele’s quarterly customer newsletter and our product catalog, along with photos from one of the many Triathlons he has completed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions about Todd Saylor’s character and qualifications."

My Best Regards,

Mike Uckele CEO and President Uckele Health & Nutrition

"I am very grateful for the body, mind and health Uckele has helped me maintain and develop. I was tired of looking and feeling “adequate,” and wanted to compete and improve. Also, my children saw only the fruits of my business travel, and no real tangible discipline and reward. I figured if they could see my body and attitude change associated with eating, exercise and supplements it would be a visual image of life’s internal discipline and reward, which will transfer to continued spiritual growth, and family and business success.

Your testing programs uncovered many blood pressure and hormonal issues and other deficiencies, and the supplements you provided supported my endurance, strength, immune and mental health.

I have now competed in 2 road races and 8 triathlons in the past four years, have placed top 20 in most races and finished 2nd in one after losing 61 pounds and building back 15 better-placed pounds. I race at a lean 185 pounds and am a very strong 198 with strength maximums. I truly recommend your products and believe in body protection and the mental and neurological support your supplement routine has provided. I am 45-years old, and plan to continue improving my health with your support!"

Sincerely, Todd Saylor

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